Writing Spirit, The School

A Shamanically Crafted Writing Program

This is an energetically choreographed, two-year program designed to move you into and out of yourself using writing as a sacred shamanic tool of divination and self-discovery all while navigating the waters of your own words in search of your Writing Spirit, Your Creative Soul.

Our mission is to bring our participants into a safe and sacred healing space where they will use writing as their shamanic tool for connecting deep within themselves, delving into the shadows and exposing the light that lives there, bringing it out into their world.  

"To be someone as a writer means to be able to speak one‘s true self with as much honesty, humor and integrity as you can find in your soul!  Remember that before a human being thinks of others, you must have been un-apologetically yourself.  You must have taken the measure of your own nature in order to master it and employ it for the benefit of others like yourself.  This is my gift to you.  Let us work together to discover your writing spirit and touch your creative soul." 

In Spirit,

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