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Inspirit Newsletter VolUME 12, Issue 10 October 2018

"Grief takes us into deep, reflective thought, delving into our unconscious life to find the strength to transcend. In every death there is rebirth and transformation. Do not be afraid to learn the lessons that are to be found in grief."
~Grief Card, The Power Deck

Fall is a time of reckoning, a time when all that you have sown and all that has blossomed is now to be reaped. It is a time of gathering, a time of great beauty and change, but also of letting go. Just as the leaves on the trees let go of their life-giving process of transforming sunshine into nourishment for the tree, turning glorious colors in the process of their death, so we must too look at what we are holding onto that needs to be let go.

Letting go always involves some grief, the feelings of loss of perhaps a dream, or a dear friend, or a way of life. So much of life today seems to involve suffering and loss, but great strength is brought to us through grief. You can choose to learn from the experience and remain soft and kind or you can choose to become hardened and cynical. Do not miss the lessons you are here to discover even in grief.

Grief takes us into deep reflective thought, delving into our unconscious life to find the strength to transcend. From every death there is rebirth and transformation, which is the essence of creation and stands at the center of the Universe. Take a moment with me now, and look at the world around you, the natural world, with your spirit eyes, and see what awaits you.

The mountain spirits speak, telling you of their ancient memories. You walk around the stones of a sacred fire, and you sense the breath of your ancestors in the purple smoke. They wish to transform your doubt and your pain, the grief that is holding you back. There is a ceremonial chant loud in your brain; and the dancers, like the sacred dancers of old, are pulling you into ceremony. They are the equivalent of the Great Spirit – here to remind you of the creation of life and death. You open your prayers as a sacred hoop of your life and offer them to the winds of time, caressing the world.

A great warrior appears and descends on the mountain pathway to join you. "You have made a sacrifice in your life – what is it?" he asks. “What is your life’s greatest truth and how do you express it? Is your truth held in your pain or is it hidden within the butterflies that softly lead your transformation?"

The beauty of grief is that from it, through creation and gratitude, we find ecstasy, a buoyant state of joy. Reflecting on the dark side of our nature, perhaps through grief, we embrace that instinctual nature that most human beings repress in civilized life. Autumn, a time of change and death is the perfect time to step out of our minds and plunge into our instinctual depths. It is the time to show our true and gorgeous colors of red and orange and yellow which have been repressed by the chlorophyll of our lives. We have forgotten our wildness, denying whole parts of ourselves. When we sit on the earth with our backs against a tree, we can get in touch with our deepest roots, and restore joyousness and balance. Ecstasy is like a windhorse waiting to be ridden – a wild ride which carries you ever closer to enlightenment.

I wish you a bountiful autumn, filled with creativity, gratitude and great joy.

In Spirit,

Lynn Andrews

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