Shaman Mystery School 4 Year Degree Program

A Message from Lynn – About the Degree Program

Dear Apprentice,

The four year Mystery School is an adventure into discovering the mysteries of life while developing your own inner power and an understanding of your unknown self. The years since the inception of the School have been filled with both excitement and awe as it has developed into a creative and magical experience for all involved. With the development of our Kindred Spirits Program, it became clear that many of you wanted to take your education out into the world. To support you in realizing your dreams fully, we formed an alliance with the University of Natural Medicine in New Mexico, and through this affiliation, we can now offer you the opportunity to work towards a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in the field of Natural Health Sciences: Sacred Arts and Training.

This program is individually developed so both your prior educational training and your life experiences may be considered in what will be required for you to receive a degree. In the day-to-day world, a college education and degree often play a very important role in your life. It factors into both acquiring the career you desire, and receiving the compensation and acknowledgment you deserve. For many, the experience of higher education has been one of being faceless and anonymous within a large institute. This will not be your experience in our Mystery School.

Within this unique training, you will meet kindred spirits and be welcomed into a sacred community that will support you in your journey towards higher learning and a degree. We are so excited to be a part of creating a program of higher education that will not only feed your spirit, but also move you forward in your secular pursuits. Amazingly, we are able to offer this program at an incredibly affordable price. Education has become unattainable for many, and we are overjoyed to be able to present this new degree program which is both economical and profound.

The following letter contains all the information you may need to take the first steps towards pursuing this unique opportunity. We are excited about the many opportunities this program will offer each of you to continue your education and further develop your own individual ways of bringing healing energy into the world.

With Love and Light,

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) about the Degree Program


  1. What is the Degree Program?
  2. How does the Degree Program work and what are the requirements?
  3. What does the Degree Program Cost?
  4. Can I Receive Financial Help to Pursue a Degree?
  5. How do I apply to the program and what should I do to get started?


1. What is the Degree Program?

Apprentices are now able to earn a Bachelors of Science (B.S.), a Masters of Science (M.S.), or a Ph.D. in Natural Health Sciences, in conjunction with the University of Natural Medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico, through Lynn Andrews - The Shaman Mystery School and the Kindred Spirits Program (KSP). The degrees are in Natural Health Sciences with a concentration in Sacred Arts and Training. The University of Natural Medicine (UNM) is a fully licensed university, which is in the process of completing the requirements needed to apply for federal accreditation. The interim accreditation status does not affect the validity of the degrees obtained from their programs; however, students may find that other academic institutions may not give full credit for course work through UNM if they desire to transfer or continue their education before UNM has gained their accreditation.

2. How does the Degree Program work and what are the requirements?

Students will work with an Academic Advisor to focus their studies and develop their thesis or dissertation. All degrees require a Lynn Andrews Mystery School (LAMS) Certificate of Completion gained through the rigorous completion of the 4-year Mystery School program with Lynn Andrews, certified by the student’s Mentor and the Academic Advisor. To pursue a degree, students must also enroll in the Shaman Mystery School or Kindred Spirits Program (KSP). The number of required credit hours for each degree depends on the student’s incoming credit from prior education (training or life experience may apply), and the status of their completed work in the Shaman Mystery School or KSP; however the general requirements for each degree follow:

All Degrees require at least 15-25 credit hours be taken from UNM

  • Bachelors of Science (BS) – Successful completion of all work within the LAMS program (16 quarters/128 credit hours), plus 15 to 120 credit hours from UNM or another academic institution to satisfy the pre-requisites for a B.S.
  • Masters of Science (MS) – Requirements for a post-graduate student are successful completion of all work within LAMS (16 quarters), completion of any necessary UNM core curriculum and a Thesis (15-45 credits).
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) – Requirements for a post-graduate student are successful completion of LAMS (16 quarters), 2 years of KSP directed study, any necessary UNM core curriculum and a doctoral dissertation to be defended before the doctoral committee (43-60 credit hours).

3. What does the Degree Program Cost?

The University of Natural Medicine has developed diverse degree programs that offer educational choices available through independent, residential and practical training. All degrees require at least 15-25 credit hours be taken with the University of Natural Medicine. The Shaman Mystery School and KSP programs are now part of this unique educational experience. Participation in The Shaman Mystery School or KSP is required to participate in the degree program, and those costs are separate from the University of Natural Medicine tuition rates shown below. In addition, there is a Shaman Mystery School Degree Program registration fee of $200.00.

Bachelor of Science: Natural Health

Core Curriculum: 15 minimum to 120 total credit hours $60.00/credit

Master of Science: Natural Health

Thesis: 15 credit hours $2,000.00

Doctor of Philosophy: Natural Health, Sacred Arts and Training

Dissertation: 25 credit hours $4,000.00

18-65 credits of additional core curriculum may be necessary depending on previous education & experience

$60.00 per credit

Please note: The fees listed above do not include application fees or other administrative fees and are in addition to the total tuition paid to the Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training for the Mystery School or KSP programs. Prices for the Mystery School, KSP and UNM programs may be subject to change.

4. Can I Receive Financial Help to Pursue a Degree?

Though the University of Natural Medicine and Lynn Andrews - The Shaman Mystery School do not yet have financial aid programs, there are ways for students to research and apply for specific grants and scholarships to help finance the completion of a degree. There are many organizations, websites, and other resources that can help find an appropriate scholarship or grant which may be available to you. It is difficult to summarize all the different scholarships, since each program has unique and different qualifications and may only be available to you if you live in a specific state, are a certain age, or are working towards a specific career. The following resource may be helpful:

Scholarship Information at Your Fingertips

Find private sources that you qualify for, you can submit a form from online or submit letters already formatted for completion.

In addition to these resources, the University of Natural Medicine has a “Pay-As-You-Go” program that allows students to pay for courses as they are taken with a deposit of $800.00.

5. How do I apply to the program and what should I do to get started?

A) If you are interested in participating in the Degree program, the first step is to fill out an application for UNM and contact Elizabeth Adams, the Academic Coordinator for Lynn Andrews’ Degree Programs, to discuss which degree you are interested in pursuing. Elizabeth can be reached at (510) 227-7144 during work hours (PST).

The University of Natural Medicine has a website that contains information on the University and the courses being offered. Interested students can download an application directly from their website, If you do not have access to a computer, you can call or write the University for an application.

University of Natural Medicine
PO Box 4069
Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87502
The phone number is (800) 893-3367.

B) After completing the UNM application, please send the original application to UNM and email a copy for our review to:

The Degree Program offers many opportunities for apprentices to continue their education and to develop unique and individual healing practices. Elizabeth Adams will be working with students ready to pursue their degrees and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the program.


Additional Questions? Contact Information is below:

For Specific Questions regarding the Lynn Andrews Mystery School Degree Program ONLY, contact Elizabeth Adams, the Academic Coordinator for LAMS at UNM Phone:  (510) 227-7144

For General Information, Questions about Events, Registrations, and the Mystery School, use our contact form (see sidebar) or call the Enrollment Manager.

Enrollment Manager:

1-800-554-7414 (Toll free in USA) or +1 954-725-1706 (International)