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Author of the internationally acclaimed Medicine Woman Series, Lynn V Andrews has spent the last 30 years studying with shamanic women on three continents. This best selling author shares her ancient teachings of shamanic training. Lynn brings spiritual tools and compelling techniques for healing from the spiritual realm to the modern everyday physical world. Her techniques use the power of thought to take you beyond self limitation to other realities.

Considered a preeminent teacher in the field of personal development, Lynn Andrews is a 21st Century shaman whose words reflect her path - a path of heart. She teaches and shows people how to live a life that is truly balanced, with one foot in the physical and one in the spiritual.

Shamanic knowledge and practice is at the very heart of creation. Throughout time, shamans have practiced the art of choreographing energy in a nonlinear field. It is Lynn's intention that we understand how all that is sacred within life weaves together within our world.

Lynn has attracted men and women from around the globe to her open events such as Joshua Tree,
an annual 4 day retreat and Storm Eagle also open to interested persons. It is from these retreats many choose to continue to study with Lynn Andrews in her Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training Mystery School. For more information click here:

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